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Our Lake Chuzenji hotel overlooks Mount Nantai and offers luxury accommodations. The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko, breathes tranquility throughout. Local elements are elevated yet retain Japan’s beautiful minimalism: featuring traditional engawas or porches, the wellness experience is highlighted by an onsen, or hot spring, the only one of its kind for The Ritz-Carlton.

Suites & Rooms

Suites With Scenic Views

Serenity Meets Tradition in Nikko

A sweeping view of Lake Chuzenji and Mount Nantai is showcased throughout each suite, from the outdoor living area to the soaking tub. The spacious layouts feature a traditional engawa, or porch, and décor that blends minimalist and traditional touches.

Hotel view from Akechidaira
Luxury Dining
Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Kaiseki Dining Experience with Seasonal Delights

Experience the full breadth and depth of Japanese cuisine with a traditional Kaiseki multi-course dinner, crafted from fresh, locally sourced Tochigi ingredients.

Winter Kaiseki Wonder
Journey to the Heart of Things

Set within Nikko National Park in the mountainous region of Oku-Nikko (Inner-Nikko), the hotel immerses guests in the ever-changing palette of Japan’s natural beauty. Spring welcomes cherry blossoms and colorful wildflowers; summer explodes into an expanse of green forests; fall brings with it tones of orange and yellow and winter dresses itself in a fresh coat of white snow.

Natural Beauty in Nikko, Japan

World Heritage shrines and temples, and the luxury of The Ritz-Carlton, all in one deeply cultural highland setting. After a thrilling drive through the Iroha Hills, named for their 48 hairpin turns, relax here in luxury with blissful hot-spring soaks, unique outdoor activities, and exceptional culinary offerings.

Shiranesan Mountain Path
Ritz Kids®

We Welcome Kids

From the moment of arrival, we welcome kids to The Ritz-Carlton by encouraging them to explore the sights and sounds of the hotel and its environment. Guided by playfulness and a sense of wonder, Ritz Kids delights and engages your children to interact with their surroundings in a fresh and exciting way.

The Ritz kids safari

Planning Your Trip to Nikko

Hiking, snowshoeing, cycling, fishing, and paddleboarding are just some of the outdoor adventures that await in Nikko, and cultural inspiration abounds at its temples and shrines. We have packing tips, itinerary ideas, and more.

Nikko Cedar Avenue


The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko

2482 Chugushi, Nikko, Tochigi, Japan, 321-1661

Tel: +81 288-256666
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