Mexico & The Caribbean
Best Caribbean Sunsets

Discover some of the best spots throughout Mexico and the Caribbean to witness the magical golden hour just before the night sky takes over.

Private Dining - El Huerto
San José del Cabo

In San José del Cabo, food is an expression of love, a connection to community, the heart of a family. Dishes are infused with indigenous spices and childhood memories passed down through generations, and evening meals are savored as the sun makes its final descent beyond the Pacific.

Lady Grace Sail
Turks & Caicos

The sky becomes a work of art every evening at Grace Bay, and glimpses of it can be caught throughout The Ritz-Carlton, Turks & Caicos. Make the most of each stunning moment on a nightly sunset sail, or simply soak it all in from your private cabana on the beach.

Ritz Carlton Hotel image

What better way to create a magical evening than with a Caribbean sunset as your backdrop? The tone is set by Palm Beach's melodic waves hitting the sand, while Aruba's sunset lights the sky on fire with a cascade of colors.

Ritz Carlton Hotel image
Puerto Rico

The vastness of the ocean is a reminder that while we reside on the planet, there is so much of it we have yet to discover. Puerto Rico provides an opportunity to experience the world above and below the water’s surface, to head toward the horizon aboard a private yacht, find yourself amid a school of colorful fish or simply revel in the magnificence of a beachside sunset.

Lady Lynsey ll
St. Thomas

Experience the sunset out on the water during an evening cruise aboard The Ritz-Carlton’s catamaran, the Lady Lynsey II. The spectacular views of the clear water and setting sun will make you not want to return to shore.